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Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis?My wife has been recommended following combinatin of medicines :-1 mahacort 6mg 1daily,panzit 1 daily,folitrax10mg earlier for 10 days once a weak,zerodol 1 daily,zincovit 1 daily.are this combination of drugs safe to treat rhemutoid arthritis.

Posted by Rajesh Kakkar
Here are some natural remedies: Good luck and take care

Epsom Salt
Magnesium-rich Epsom salts are beneficial for the health and growth of bones and maintenance of bone acid level. You can combine three tablespoons each of Epsom salts and lime juice in one pint of water, and consume a teaspoon of this concoction twice a day. You could also soak yourself in a hot tub of water with three cups of the salts mixed in it. These remedies help the body better absorb and utilize bone-building materials like calcium and phosphorus, as well as provide relief in painful stiff joints.

You could take one teaspoon of seeds of the alfalfa herb, available at specialty grocery stores, and add them to one cup of boiling water. Drink this brewed tea no less than three times a day for two weeks to lower swelling due to rheumatoid arthritis. Cooking seasoning made from this herbal cure for arthritis is also effective for pain relief.

Take half a teaspoon full of cinnamon powder and consume it mixed with one tablespoon of honey each morning prior to breakfast. Though you will feel the positive results in merely one week’s time, follow this regimen for one month for sustained relief from pain due to rheumatoid arthritis.

Cod Liver Oil
If you make a habit of having a teaspoon or two of cod liver oil every day, it will hold you in good stead to fight pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. One of the critical symptoms of this condition is cartilage deterioration, which can be slowed down by cod liver oil. The omega-3 fatty acid content of cod liver oil can also aid in lowering the pain and swelling that accompany arthritis.

Other Natural Remedies
Other methods of natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis include taking either a mixture of a few teaspoons of lime juice and a teaspoon of honey with a cup of warm water or a teaspoon of turmeric, both to be taken twice daily. You could also have a couple of cloves of raw garlic or garlic fried in castor oil once a day or drink the whipped juice of one orange with one tablespoon of cod liver oil every night before bed time. Eliminating refined and processed foods from your diet and immersing the arthritis-affected part of the body in warm water will also help treat rheumatoid arthritis.

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Is there any natural relief from arthritis. Don’t know what kind. It’s in my knuckles.?

Posted by runner1
Releasing the muscles should give you relief. They put the name on it as arthritis but I think that was good when nobody knew how to free up muscles to get the pains out of them. For the fingers and knuckles, have your hand partially closed so you can just slide your thumb into the bottom of the finger and press into the muscle just above the knuckle and hold a firm pressure on it. Now relax your body by taking a deep breath and exhaling. After 30 seconds slowly open your fingers up all the way, then release the pressure but continue holding your fingers open for another 30 seconds. Move up to the middle section and repeat and to the top one as well. Then onto the other fingers. When the muscles are tight they pull into the knuckles as that’s where they are attached.