Supplements for Arthritis Inflammation

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Good supplement for arthritis for a horse still in work + injections ?

My 15 year old ottb has been on and off. We injected his lower hocks with steroids and have him on bute. I asked about a good supplement to keep him on so he stays fluid. She mentioned adequan and pentosan shots but both were a bit pricey. Is there a good oral supplement though vet says they don't work as well…I can put him on? He is typical tb so i was thinking smart flex senior or actiflex senior since he could use a weight builder to help. Let me know your guys opinions lol thanks!!

Also has anyone here done injections before? He was injected with depo and cortisone. He is on bute for 2 weeks as well but tonight was our first hack since the injections. He was still sore – didn't kick while picking feet which was a first but still NQR on the hind end. How long does it take to usually take affect should it be right away. Will call the vet tomorrow just wanted to know peoples experience. Maybe she was wrong and it was the RH stifle? He falls in alot on both legs though.

Posted by ojosasi221
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I would advise you to avoid wasting money on the oral supplements on the market. None of them are FDA approved, which means none of them has had to go through the exhaustive clinical trials necessary to prove that they are safe or effective. Not only that, but these oral products are not FDA regulated, meaning they can contain contaminants such as pesticides and toxic heavy metals or harmful soil bacteria, among other things like toxic mineral overages. Random samples of these products have been gathered and tested proving this, and that the ingredients listed on labels may be pure fiction, and that the claims in product sponsored websites are also completely false.
Adequan is an FDA tested and approved drug that is known to improve the synovial membranes and cartilage in osteoarthritic joints. It is also FDA regulated, meaning that the quality of the product is federally controlled. It is the only drug I would recommend using when you have a diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Intra-articular injections are palliative, in that they can prolong the useful function of a horse by reducing symptoms, but in the long run, they are not improving the joint tissues, but rather just delaying the damage done in a chronic degenerative joint condition.
Adequan actually has been shown on xrays to improve cartilage that has already been damaged, which puts it far ahead of any other drugs available. All oral joint supplements including Cosequin (most studied oral joint product) are evaluated based on objective observations of improvement that are anecdotal, and not confirmed science. Since osteoarthritis is a disease that waxes and wanes on its own, it is impossible to evaluate treatments based on these kinds of observations.

Bute is not a pain killer as others think. It is an FDA approved and regulated antiinflammatory drug. It does reduce pain that inflammation elicits, but it is a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug (NSAID) that reduces inflammation which causes damage to joint tissues, but as with any drug it comes with side effects that have to be weighed in the balance between benefit and risk. Adequan can effectively perform the functions needed to really improve your horse's joints, and while all drugs come with risks, the benefits of Adequan far outweigh the risks in my opinion. You do get what you pay for.

Glucosamine and other joint Supplements for Cats?

My 17 year old cat has bad arthritis and I have ordered some very expensive capsules from my vet. I don't know what they are called but have gone with his advice.
I was just wondering if anyone out there gives their elderly cats anything for this and whether they have made any difference.

Posted by Slug
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Basically Glucosamine is a supplement, it provides the natural molecules (glycosaminoglycans) needed to repair the damaged tissues, it has been proven to work, and is better than simply giving NSAIDs (which is what is often used to simply take away pain and inflammation), because they actually help the damaged cartilage to repair and regenerate, improving instead of masking the problem.
But unfortunately your vet will probably be charging you a fortune for it, i wouldn't like to advise you specifically because im not a vet but you can purchase Glucosamine tablets at any pharmacy, often used as a supplement for the elderly, you just need to check, if you choose to not continue with your vets tablets, that the dosages are the same, to make sure your cat is getting the right amount, otherwise you would be better off sticking with the prescribed tablets to ensure that your cat benefits. Hope this helps!

Do horses over 10yrs old have arthritis?

Someone told me that most horses over 10 yrs of age have arthritis. Is this true? If so is there some kind of like cheap but effective supplement to give them to help with it?

Posted by Renesmee
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A part of aging and being active is wear and tear on the joints, and that produces inflammation in the joints. So it is true that any ten year old horse will have arthritis….which only means there will be inflammation in the joints. It doesn't mean that they have the disease of arthritis, which would mean that permanent damage to the bone, joint cartilage, or tendons and their sheaths has occurred.
But the inflammatory changes associated with age and use of the joints is inevitable to some degree. The best resource for advice on any supplements is the vet that knows your horse. I am against all of the over-supplementing going on with horses. Conditioning for any work being done, and adequate exercise and nutrition is all your horse really needs to function at optimum. There are no magic pills or powders for horses or humans….just good common sense in managing their everyday lives.

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