Pain Relief for Arthritis Questions and Answers

A lot of people as they grow old tend to develop some form of arthritis. Unless you were able to take care of your health and manage to be on the right diet since you were young, chances are you will be able to experience this as well. The problem with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis is the pain that they cause your joints. This can be difficult to deal with, and the only way to relieve yourself from this type of pain is to actually take something. You should know though that pain relief for arthritis is not exclusively about prescribed medications. The truth is, there are certain supplements or food that you can add to your diet easily so that the occurrence of this type of pain can be greatly reduced. Below you will find out about these supplements and food.
Orange juice
Alright, this will not reduce the pain from your arthritis right away. However drinking orange juice in the long run can actually help lessen the inflammation of your joints caused by arthritis. It’s because vitamin C actually helps strengthen the cartilages in your bones that are supporting your joints. For this reason, orange juice and other fruits that are high in vitamin C is definitely a must have in your diet.
Cayenne pepper
This particular spice can be found in most households. However, in order to become a natural pain relief for arthritis, you don’t actually have to eat this cayenne pepper. What you need to do is to put some of it over you joint that is painful. This will cause a mild irritation on your skin that will actually affect the pain receptors in your nerve endings. In effect it will act as analgesic and you will be able relieve yourself from arthritis pain.
Fatty acids
Fatty acids are very important to the body. Yes, there are indeed some good fats that you should take, particularly omega 6 and omega 3. These fatty acids actually helps in lubricating your tired and worn joints. When your joints are fully lubricated there will be less friction between the bones that they connect. As such, inflammation can be greatly lessened and you will no longer be able to experience pain. Furthermore, these fatty acids have been greatly promoted by the medical community as they actually can help prevent heart disease as well. These two are commonly found in fishes like salmon and tuna; but if you are not fond of eating fishes you will be glad to know that you can buy over the counter supplements as well that you can easily take with a glass of water on a daily basis.
As you can see from this article, there are some things indeed that you can add to your diet to help you manage OA or RA effectively. If you are looking for a quick pain relief for arthritis though, you can still use a hot pack over the joint, or apply some ointments that act as analgesics. For long and permanent results though, a change in your diet and lifestyle is still recommended.

Pain relief for arthritis, what really works?? ?I have chronic pain from arthritis in neck back and hands…I take pain meds and NSAIDS for inflammation. I am not getting enough sleep because the constant nagging pain keeps me awake. What non prescription tips to fellow suffers use for management of pain stiffness and inflammation of arthritis…I am tired of the suffering already.

Posted by mary d
My wife has arthritis and fibromyalgia and she takes Soma at night to help with the pain and sleep. They have these things called Therma Care or something like that. They are pads that keeps heat going to wherever you apply them for eight hours. I hope you know what I mean. Arthritis and Fibromyalgia also effects the muscles and nerves. She takes a hot shower before bedtime and I massage her shoulders, back of her neck with Aspercream. She applies it to her hands. Our pharmacy has what is called Perform, that comes in a cream or a roll on container like under arm deodorant. It has an odor to it but disapates quickly. You don’t say what meds you are taking, but my wife takes MS Contin 45 Mg’s 3 times a day and some Percocets. She also takes 300 mg’s of Nuerontin for nerves ends. Without these drugs, she wouldn’t be able to move. But if you could do it, exercise is the best thing for arthritis. Do to other problems, she can’t even do that. I know what you are going through and I wish I could tell you some miracle cure, but there just isn’t any. I’ve checked. So I wish for you the very best and let’s keep hoping that sometime in the near future, they find a cure. Arthritis and it’s discomforts is something that you are just going to have to live with. Maybe exercise will help you, it would be worth a try. Good luck.

Arthritis pain (home relief)?Injury to right knee at age 12, now I’m 37, have a job that keeps me on my feet/walking almost the whole time. Needless to say, arthritis has set in. Doc prescribed NSAIDs but I’d love to hear some at home treatment that’s worked for others.

Posted by L.T.
Do a web search for information on the product DMSO to research its use and effects. It is sold as a prescription lineament (if your doctor will prescribe it) or OTC as a solvent. It is widely used in livestock as a lineament for joint issues. Many people say it is the best arthritis relief they have found if you read about it on the internet. I believe it is the pure form of MSM, and absorbs through the skin. You can get the lineament for about ten dollars from a farm supply store in the horse section.

Does eating fried garlic relief you of arthritis pains ?

Posted by honeybots
No eating fried garlic will not give any relief but Arthritis Is Avoidable
Arthritis is associated with Coeliac Disease. For those who wish to further their own research try.
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Using the elimination diet, l became painfully aware that the nightshade family was involved in those sharp pain attacks of arthritis. Other research has shown the nightshade family is able to produce uric acid plus more in individuals – Tomatoes can give me a dull ache within four hours and sharp pain attack sets in about 12 hours later, so avoid them. More important the Potato does contain the Trigger for Psoriasis and should be avoided at all times. Eggplant,Chilli, Peppers (capsicum) and Goji,Tobbaco are also in the nightshade family
AVOID EGGPLANT, TOMATO, POTATO, Red And Green PEPPERS (capsicum), Goji Juice,.Chilli.
Foods that contain solanine although not directly in the nightshade family: Blueberries & Huckleberries, Okra, Artichokes. Other Substances to Avoid: Homeopathic remedies containing Belladonna (known as deadly nightshade)
Gout, Spondylitis, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis have the same causative factor.
Since being on my natural diet and avoiding nightshade foods l haven’t had any attacks of Psoriatic Arthritis, my gout (inflammation of smaller joints) and Inflammatory Spondylitis (inflammation of vertebra) which l had suffered for more than 20 years also has gone. As with other forms of arthritis, cold weather can also be a catalyst for a worsening of the condition, but removing nightshade has worked.
In htpp:// you will find more
Learn to treat the cause not the symptoms.
This is really so easy to put to test WHY SUFFER ? The natural diet is free all l ask is that you tell others.